I really got interested in purchasing the Buzz and Woody toys of an animator friend of mine when he told me that he finally decided to sell these wonderful pieces of art last January 2013 while eating snacks at 7-Eleven.   Deep down, I knew I should be the rightful buyer, because, stuff like these should only be bought by a fellow artist, a passionate animator and nobody else.  When we returned to work after a short off-season(kinda), I got the necessary budget after a couple of weeks to purchase the two main stars of Toy Story.   I immediately informed him my interest in buying them and during the last week of April we met at KFC Tuazon for that special moment.  A special moment because Buzz and Woody would finally have a new owner and home and a sad goodbye to their former owner (similar to the ending of Toy Story 3, isn’t it? :)).  The moment I saw and touched these highly detailed, generated from Pixar’s computer files toys; I knew these are not only toys but treasures, as these two represent one of Pixar’s breakthrough films and they make you capture every movie moments every time you play with them and in saying so, they create the Andy in you, in real life.

Here is my review of them after a few weeks of displaying and playing with them, and yes, I also bought Bucket O Soldiers,  from a toy store when they went on sale early May (thank goodness they still have on bucket left).  These toys are created by Thinkway Toys; which is a very good company that is known for their high sense of details , on-modelness, and movie accuracy of their Disney and Pixar line of toys in the market.

Let me start with Woody the Sheriff, his packaging box is similar to the film, so in that instance I can feel the movie moment already. The tailoring of his clothes are smooth and made of high end fabric materials of some sort, I can tell by its texture and toughness.  The details are complete, from his scarf to the belt area.  He has a stand, but I only tried it once, because the neck lock is so tight, it could make a mark if attached to him for a long time.  So Woody is peacefully just sitting on top my computer ;).  His arms and legs are like a puppet, so it do not have any joints and are not poseable, which is how Woody should be, so I am fine with that.  Woody is proportioned to Andy when he was still a small boy, so Woody stands about 15 and a half inches.  His cowboy hat is made of a high grade plastic, with strings knitted around the hat, way to awesome to describe it!  He has an “alive” mode switch located at the back of his right ribs, and when I turn this on, he speaks by himself and sometimes he reacts to any sound or word that I make, very entertaining and funny, makes me feel like an eight year old child.  He has a pull string, just like in the movie, located at his back, and when I pull this, he delivers his famous movie lines like “There’s a snake in your boot” or “Howdy, partner, I am Sheriff Woody, glad to meet ya!”.  It is amazing to just observe Woody in his “alive” mode because it releases my stress and makes me forget of my personal problems.  There is a slight factory damage on his hair, but it is forgivable, and overall, Woody the Sheriff rocks!!  A perfect ten in my books.

The other toy, Mr. Buzz Lightyear, is also similar to how Woody was made, in terms of accuracy, detail but he has more features than the sheriff.  His packaging is the same as the one featured in Toy Story 1, however, you have to attach the side wings of the box once you open it to capture the accuracy of the box design in the film.  Buzz has joints and is completely poseable too.  I give Thinkway an “A” grade for making Buzz’s fingers poseable too.  His head though moves only sideways.  Buzz has four buttons that makes him deliver different movie dialogues, depending on the button pushed, and a button that activates his laser pointer.  Compared to Woody, Buzz is more interactive because when I open his arm lid or helmet, he reacts and sometimes gets upset.  Same thing happens when I close it, he thanks me for it.  He even requests for me to open his helmet sometimes, to breathe some fresh air :).  He also has an “alive” mode with matching head movements every time he talks.  The only thing that is frustrating with Buzz is when I fold his right wing, it is trial and error until I get it locked.  Plus, his left wing is not blinking, I guess factory damage too.  Even though he only measures 10 inches vertically, he is heavier than Woody, because of the mechanism inside his body.  What also surprised me is that Buzz is glow in the dark folks, and he is a wonderful sight every time I close my lights and go to sleep.  Another perfect 10 for this toy!

The Bucket o Soldiers are simple, pieces of soldiers with different poses, and looking at all of them in different formations remind me of my first toys back in the 80’s when I was a small child.  The bucket design itself is a collector’s edition and there are a total of 72 pieces of green soldiers.  There are really not much features for these soldiers like the things Woody and Buzz do, but two of the soldiers have parachutes and when I see those soldiers land after throwing them up, well, another Toy Story moment again my friends.

That’s a wrap up for this article, more reviews shall come up when I purchase more Toy Story toys.  So stay tuned.



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