June 15, 2012 marked my 7th year Anniversary in this unpredictable, profound, meaningful, adventurous yet risky world of freelance work.  May it be animation, comics or an acting job; everything has been a blessing.  Even though the salary in this third world country is not that good plus limited benefits, the challenges and experiences are always worth remembering.

Interacting with homo-sapiens such as David Campitti, local actors and actresses, International Hip-hop artist Akala and other famous celebrities in their respective fields have truly contributed to my growth as an artist.  The lessons that I have learned from these people that I met over the past five years have been my foundation for motivation and inspiration in doing something creative and spectacular, whether for work or personal.

It is always about the passion, and capturing a special entertainment moment, mesmerizing your audience; planting it in their hearts so that they would remember it and talk about for a long time.  This is what makes my job in the freelance world a remarkable one, making me always excited to wake up each morning knowing that I can do something to enthrall the tv audiences or readers.

Furthermore, last July I was lucky to be one of the participants in Akala’s acting and rapping workshop held at the Peta Theater in Quezon City; it was sponsored by the British Council.  The workshop was a unique one, considering that it combined acting, rapping and lessons about William Shakespeare’s works.   In the three day workshop I met some freelance actors and actresses as well who like myself have big goals in life and are semi-weird (haha, just kidding).  The groupings, Akala’s ingenious games, rehearsals to the final performance; all made our bonding stronger.  And working with experienced PETA performers helped me become more disciplined and prepared in any stage performance.

Akala’s workshop concluded with a two day performance, tickets were sold out and on the first day it was our groups and on the last day, it was Akala’s band.  All of the performances were held at the PETA Theater.  I would also like to mention the lovely ladies from the British Council who helped supervise the event: Ana Tan, (Programmes Manager) Jen Domingo (Programmes Officer) and Verily Villamor (Programmes Assistant).

One may conclude that working in a freelance world is really cool and risky.  Cool in a sense that you don’t wake up 4 am in the morning and go to a stable job and click in and out in that office like a zombie; you manage your time everyday.  Cool in a way that you do what you like, you wear clothes that represent your personality, no uniforms (well, actors, actresses and dancers have in the movies and television shows).  I can always choose if I would dress up like James Bond going to work, or John Cena.

Looking at the other side of the picture, it is risky because you don’t have health benefits and yes, you don’t earn salary on a regular basis.  But that is what it is all about in life, achieving greatness and taking the risks, balancing your dreams and reality.  My ultimate dream is still to make it to Pixar or Dreamworks as an animator in the future, and I won’t stop until I fulfill that.  As long as I believe that life is a journey, I can graciously accept failures and celebrate victories as I continue pursuing my goals, one step at a time.




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